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Last update: December 28, 2022.

Mature Horizon is a generative digital art collection of unique, one-of-one or (1/1), NFT Editions based on the artwork “Mature”. An oil on canvas made by Ofill Echevarria in 2014.

© ‘Mature’ (2014) | Oil on canvas | 48” x 50” | 122 x 126 Cm.

The collection contains emotionally distinctive Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), with the exception that its first 3 numbers are identical to the original picture, but also unique as their color range varies. Another exception within this collection would be that some of its NFTs have been visibly numbered as part of the concept image.

Also, even though Mature Horizon features digitally created items, when you purchase a Mature Horizon NFT, you could actually own the digital asset you purchased in high resolution, which is no larger than 2100 square pixels, or 7 x 7 inches.

On copyrights in the purchase of a Mature Horizon NFT

When you purchase a Mature Horizon NFT, you have the right to request a high-resolution 7-inch square digital file of your NFT image (its maximum size), sent to you via secure email, along with a signed letter from OEArt authenticating your purchase and explaining your rights on this acquisition. In this regard, it is worth saying that this acquisition allows you to benefit from your digital asset in any form or method of your choice, as well as, since OEArt does not lose the rights to its Intellectual Property, it prohibits duplicating, distorting or transforming your NFT to present it later as an original creation.

Request your Certificate Of Appreciation

Additionally, when you purchase a Mature Horizon NFT, you can proceed to request a Certificate Of Appreciation (C.O.A.) printed on HD metal: a high quality 4″ x 4.5” gloss finish print on a stable brushed aluminum panel, with records of your token ID, its contract address and the artist’s signature, on the back of the piece – *Shipped to you by First Class Mail or DHL Express outside of the United States.

Please note that the C.O.A. will have an additional cost, but is an offer available at any time with any transaction related to Mature Horizon NFTs. For example, if a Mature Horizon NFT changes ownership, the current owner has the right to apply for its own new signed metal plaque authentication or C.O.A.

Front view of your Collectible Certificate or C.O.A. ~ (4″ x 4.5″ HD gloss finish print on aluminum metal).

For more information on arranging delivery of your high-resolution digital file and Certificate Of Appreciation immediately after your purchase, please contact Mature Horizon collection Manager George Greco:

Commitment of the Mature Horizon Collection in 2022

Ofill Echevarria Art is committed to donating 5% of its profits from the Mature Horizon Collection to by the end of the fiscal year in 2023.



Last update: December 28, 2022.

Mature Horizon By OEArt is available for transactions on on both the Polygon network and Ethereum.

At least fifty new pieces are promised to be included each month in the Mature Horizon By OEArt collection at OpenSea, but the final number of Non-Fungible Tokens within this collection has not yet been decided. (Click here to browse the collection at OpenSea).

Conclusion: Mature Horizon By OEArt is a growing collection of NFTs currently featuring 200 unique items (which you can browse above), minted on the Polygon blockchain and available to trade on

You will need a digital wallet with Matic in order to trade on Polygon. Kindly connect your wallet and “Make an offer”, “bid” on some items currently up for auction (Ethereum), or send us a direct message on our Twitter account @gg_art_pr, with any trading proposals. We are still open at this stage to any interesting business suggestions.

Happy trading!


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