‘O E: In the crack of the crowd’

Hypermedia Magazine | Sep 16, 2020 | ‘Ofill Echevarria: In The Crack Of The Crowd’ By Ricardo Alberto Pérez.

When a work of art transmits a transcendent content in some way we feel linked to it, but when it also comes to seem visionary, for different reasons, this relationship becomes closer and deeper. In this way, the viewer becomes a critical entity, willing to follow the track and see how far this event leads us; I have felt that experience since I discovered the work of Ofill Echevarría (Havana, 1972), who has lived outside the island for twenty-eight years, settled first in Mexico City and later in New York, where he currently lives.

Delving into the evolution of his poetics by critically following the change and fixity that goes from one piece to another, from one stage to another, guarantees us to clearly discern the contributions and concerns left by his racking (Read more)

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