No Country Magazine | Jan 16, 2021 | ‘Vertigo And Ecstasy: Ofill Echevarria’s Work’ By Alejandro Robles.

In The Aesthetics Of Disappearance, Paul Virilio affirms that the current world can no longer be explained without speed. In Virilioʼs opinion, speed has become the most important attribute of our lives. We no longer demand beauty or comfort but speed. (What is the point of demanding comfort if there is hardly any space for rest, what is the point of demanding beauty if there is no longer room for contemplation).

Overwork is more satisfying than rest and free time. We live the sovereignty of alienation; there are no longer lapses of neurosis, the emergence of neurosis is constant. In that world, speed has become an index of prestige. In the opinion of the French urban planner, speed is inseparable from wealth and this in turn from power. (Read more)

Publicado en español – 18 de diciembre, 2020 (Rialta Magazine)

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